New Online Login Sequence

New Online Login Sequence

In order to comply with the enhanced security requirements of PSD2, our online login sequence has changed.  This will make it far safer to use your online account, and harder for your details to be hacked.

The new sequence will be to enter your Username, then your Password.

At this point you’ll be asked to click for a one-Time Passcode to be sent by text to your mobile phone.  Enter this 4-digit number when received into the filed below the green box.

As a final stage you’ll be asked for your current 8-digit PIN.  This is a one-off and you won’t need this number again when logging in.

Note: There have been some temporary issues with the OTP texts, but our IT company are working on this and hope to have it resolved shortly.

Early Closing Friday 21st of February
Annual General Meeting Notice: 28th January in the Maldron Hotel
Rounding up to 5c