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Member Forms

Direct Marketing Consent Form (pdf)

Membership Application Form – Sole Members (pdf)

Membership Application Form – Joint Accounts (pdf)

Tallaght West CU Loan Application Form (pdf)

DIRT Exemption Form – Over 65s (pdf)

DIRT Exemption Form – Incapacitated Individuals (pdf)


Legal & Compliance Documents

Tallaght West Credit Union Privacy Notice (pdf)

GDPR Summary Notice

Tallaght West CU Complaints Policy (pdf)

Tallaght West Credit Union Standard Rules (pdf)

Central Credit Register Factsheet – Tallaght West CU (pdf)

Regulation 76 Information (PSD2 version) (pdf)


Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017 (pdf)

Annual Report 2016 (pdf)

Annual Report 2015 (pdf)

Annual Report 2014 (pdf)

Annual Report 2013 (pdf)

Annual Report 2012 (pdf)

Annual Report 2011 (pdf)

Annual Report 2010 (pdf)