Car Loan 8.95% Promotional Rate

Are you in the market for a bigger or newer car?  Our Promotional Rate Car Loan puts you in the financial driving seat when upgrading your car!  With our new loan you get our usual great service along with these other benefits:

  • A fantastic lending rate of just 8.95% (9.33% APR) – see the worked example below*
  • Its not Hire Purchase or PCP, so you own the car from day 1 and can trade it in or sell it at any time.
  • All qualifying loans are covered by FREE Loan Protection Life insurance
  • Borrow between €12,000 and €50,000 for any car; new, second-hand or even an import.

How to qualify:

  • You must borrow between €12k and €50k, and provide evidence from a garage or dealership that it is for a car purchase.
  • Repayments must be by Direct Debit
  • Home owner or long-term council tenant
  • Evidence of permanent employment, pension or stable self-employed income will be required


To apply you can call us on 01 4510811 to speak to a loans officer, or just drop in for a chat any day we are open.  Online registered members can also apply through their CUOnline+ account.  What are you waiting for!

*Sample repayment schedule:

€35,000 loan repaid monthly over 60 months at €725.71 per month

Total cost of credit is €43,548.05, including interest of €8,548.05

APR = 9.33%